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Slot Project 2020 | online performance | UK BACK PORTFOLIO Slot is an online dance experience where the audience is invited to slot in to explore and interact with a virtual house and its tenants. Navigating trails throughout the house, the audience will witness a mixture of stories devised by the performers, where lived experiences and memories will create the narrative of the house. It is live now at: TAKE PART HERE TUTU TROUBLE 2019-21 | live performance | UK MORE INFO Tutu Trouble is a physical theatre performance that aims to shift the perceptions of gender identity for children by bringing to life the charismatic story of two friends who find an old tutu as they embark on a fantastic journey of discovery and friendship. Choreographed by Vinicius Salles, this original story celebrates acceptance of all gender identities. At its core, the goal is to address the often harsh realities of growing up different, while eradicating the social pressures of sexual identity and demystifying gender stereotypes. With insightful humour and an acute observation of social issues, combining physical theatre, quirky characterisation, text and dance, Tutu Trouble will take audiences on a wonderful journey of discovery to empower the next generation of LGBTQ+ and give them permission to be themselves, unapologetically. An Errant and 1DegreeEast co-production BACK PORTFOLIO THE WHOLE SHEBANG! 2019 | live performance | UK BACK PORTFOLIO The whole shebang! Presents a collision of physical theatre, text, dance and music to deliver a commenting about the distortion of words and meanings in our time. Creating a hypothetical pub, The Cow’s Arms is a place lost in a mundane, urban wilderness. A refuge for locals to ruminate their political ideologies. The customers' stories intertwine, creating a contemporary physical tale that is sharp, funny and cruel. In this ring of hate, the Landlady has an impasse, how to deal with certain groups in the pub who are subverting the meaning of words to reinforce their beliefs and to regulate how a body should move. Disruptive Narratives 2019 | live performance | UK MORE INFO Commissioned by Croydonites, Salles explores the stories of people who contradict what society expects of them; who fight back against social norms. Some real, some fiction, some spoken words. The show plays with ideas about how different stories can or cannot change our perception of facts. Using their mobile phones the audience interacts with the performance using a specially built app. They are guided throughout the space, where they can choose what narrative would suit with their views, what position they would stand to witness the scene. Whilst the performers dare to enact a real physical journey of finding a narrative that suits them. BACK PORTFOLIO Glitch 2016 - 2018 | live performance | UK MORE Glitch instigates an immersive experience during which audience members are invited to influence and even become a part of the narrative, using technology to interact with the piece. BACK PORTFOLIO OX 2017 | live performance | UK MORE INFO A stranger arrives in the midst of a remote city's annual festival, his mission to find at least one good person among the seemingly irredeemable citizens. OX, an immersive dance/physical theatre production, re-examines the famous Bible story of Sodom & Gomorrah. BACK PORTFOLIO Human Marvels 2016 | live performance | UK This performance is a devised interpretation trying to recreate this remote seaside town entertainment, but here offering an inquiry of social judgements, acceptance of differences, and questioning the superficial assumptions of the “other”. Commissioned by JV2, UK 2016 BACK PORTFOLIO NOcontact 2007 | live performance | UK NOcontact is a search to understand the meanings of contact. BACK PORTFOLIO Witches in Disguise 2016 | live performance | UK Set in the 1950s, Witches In Disguise is so much more than a bewitching adaption of the short story ‘The Black Cat’ written by Edgar Allan Poe.The cast dive into a manipulative, conjuring journey as a man is pushed to new depths. By means of seeing the world through his eyes, the image of a woman is twisted in superstitions and abuse. With magic lurking in the air, a healthy discussion commences around superficial bias of gender and household relations as the inferior is objectified. BACK PORTFOLIO GET IN TOUCH UNITED KINGDON
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