Glitch T “I am the measure of my connections”

2016 - 2018 | live performance | UK

Glitch instigates an immersive experience during which audience members are invited to influence and even become a part of the narrative, using technology to interact with the piece. With their smartphones switched on and used throughout, they download an app which sets off a conversation between the character and themselves in real time, talking and sharing their experiences and thoughts with him.

From the moment they buy the ticket, they will be asked to create a virtual identity, from a list of choices, and this identity will allow them to navigate the show. The show slips between two worlds – the physical and the virtual – both of which compete for the audience’s attention.

In the real world, using a strong physical vocabulary, a lonely character carries on his life, unaware of the audience around him. The proximity between audience and performers creates a natural tension in the decisions they’re forced to make – experience-choices- interaction – while the character’s life unravels around them in real time, reflecting how as humans we have adapted our sense of self and relationships to the digital age. Mixing reality and fiction, disconnected stories, this performance brings a character to represent a glitch in the cyberculture. A show about isolation and singularity. About being surrounding by yet feeling alone.

Text and Choreography: Vinicius Salles
Performer: Jannick Moth
Noa Gonzano

Glitch T

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