touch_app Anything that challenges the norm is a disruptive narrative.

2019 | live performance | UK

In this new work commissioned by Croydonites, Salles explores the stories of people who contradict what society expects of them; who fight back against social norms. Some real, some fiction, some spoken words. The show plays with ideas about how different stories can or cannot change our perception of facts. Using their mobile phones the audience interacts with the performance using a specially built app. They are guided throughout the space, where they can choose what narrative would suit with their views, what position they would stand to witness the scene. Whilst the performers dare to enact a real physical journey of finding a narrative that suits them.

This shows is about reflection, about how news forms of social media are influencing our contemporary world.

Conception Vinicius Salles
Performers Valerie Ebowa & Vinicius Salles
Graffiti Artist Dev
Design Milk Films Cafe

EXAMPLE | SCENE 5 press on the wave when the performers start to move CHOOSE YOUR POSITION

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